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Smile Pokemon Omegaka

Pokemon Omegaka

It's Coming Along Fine! Snapshots! These Are Some Screens Battles More will Be Posted Here!

Map Of Region Rakato

That's How It's Going Send Ideas If You Like
Made Up Pokemon:
Any Ideas:
Sprite's Needed
Made Up Pokemon's
Back Sprites:
Front Sprite's Male
Second Frame Male
Front Sprite's Female
Second Frame Female
Ideas For GameThere is 3 Modes
Free Mode play As Pokemon Roaming Round
Mystery Dungeon Mode Like Mystery Dungeon
Story Mode Play As trainer Catching Pokemon.

This Game Is Featuring Over 300 New Pokemon, New Items Maps, A new region, New Houses/Shops, Your Own House WiFi Plus More! This Is a Online Free Pokemon Game, Peanut Butter Jelly Time This Will Apear Every Time You Have A new Message!
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