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Default Re: Noan vs Pokelord vs Crazy vs Ataro (Normal Beauty Contest)

Why didn't NoaN move?

Electivire use Ice Punch! +40
Crowd cheer, 10 [CL=1]

Ty use Ember! +40
Crowd cheer, 10 [CL=2]

Golduck is lazy...

Scizor use X-scissor! +40
2 star! +20
Crowd cheer, 10 [CL=3]

Electivire 370
Ty 270
Scizor 270
Golduck 220

Adding score from blocks

Scizor 372
Electivire 370
Golduck 334
Ty 270

Claim prize as follows

Ataro - 2000$, 1500$ berry and ribbon
PL/Noan - 1500$, 1000$ berry
Crazy 1000$, 500$ berry
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