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Default Re: ~*~ !Tamer's Story! ~*~

Chapter Three: The Earthquake!!!

Tamer was teaching his Spheal some good attacks, hew finally managed to teach it the almighty Earthquake attack and started teaching it how to toxic enemy Pokemon with a venom. And to do so, Spheal must be trained to focus his energy to make it deadly and poisonous, and that’s what Tamer trying to do!

Tamer was looking at his balloon shaped Pokemon and saw a brutal and strong Pokemon; he knew that his Spheal will become something when he fully evolves. He saw a vision, the vision of Walrien battling against a Pokemon, beating him badly. Tamer smiled and looked at his Spheal again waiting him to evolve, and looking forward for the next day when he will return home with a stronger Spheal. And when he returns home he will rest to be able to start his adventure in Hoenn region, far away from his home town; Newbark Town.

Few hours later, it was nearly morning of the next day already, Spheal managed to focus his energy to become poisonous. Tamer told Spheal that he is the greatest as he started to prepare his sleeping bag for a good rest. After he made up his sleeping bag and prepared it he saw the shade of someone nearby. He was a human, carrying a Pokeball, walking slowly toward Tamer. He looked strange but he started to reveal after becoming so close to the young trainer.

“Hey kid!” The stranger said in a deep voice.

Tamer looked at the stranger, he was an old guy, with a white hair and moustache. He looked crappy and his clothes were dirty. Tamer waved his hands saying “hi” to the stranger. The stranger’s skin was white and he had blue eyes and kind of handsome but old and filthy.

“Hi sir!” Tamer said politely. “How can I help you?”

“Well, you can’t help me but I can help you!” The stranger said while smiling. “I can offer you a strong Smoochum that will fit perfectly with your Spheal for a reasonable price!” He offered.

“Well…I…” Tamer tried to say but the man interrupted him.

“No need to say ok right now, I can wait till you decides. Beside I am making you a great offer, since Smoochum is pretty rare!” He said. “I am Briston by the way.”

Tamer looked at him and smiled. “Well, how much does your Smoochum cost?” He asked happily.

“It is not expensive at all; I just need to get rid of it!” He said.

“GET RID OF IT? WHY IS THAT?” Tamer cried asking.

“Well I have already two Jynx’ so I don’t think I need more. They got married and brought me this little fella.” He answered. “Anyway I saw you training your Pokemon so I knew you would take good care of it and make it one strong Pokemon. And in you I trust Tamer!” He said.

“I see…and how much does it cost?” He asked again.

“How much can you afford?” The old man; Briston, said.

“Well I have five thousand Poke dollars but I need them for my journey in Hoenn! So I don’t think I can buy it!” He said.

“Aha!!!” The old man mumbled. “Well, I can sell it to you for two thousands, by that you will have enough money and Pokemon to start your journey with! How is that kiddo?” The old man asked.

“Deal!” Tamer said happily. He took his wallet and grabbed two thousands Poke dollars from them and gave them to Briston as Briston released his Smoochum from his Pokeball.

“She is a female Smoochum and I called her lil’Kisser.” He said in recognizable sad voice. “It is all yours now, please take good care of it.” He said.

“You know I will sir!” tamer said as he grabbed a Pokeball and put his new Smoochum in it.

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