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Default .Kuragari. {Chapter Two Up]


Finally, I'm getting this up. n__n;; There's gonna be a lot of violence and such, and probably some swearing. ^^ So yeah.

Welcome to Kuragari. This is a fic based on a roleplay that kinda swamped Pe2k a little while ago, called The Merines. The characters I invented for it have claimed such a special place in my heart, I couldn't bear to lose them once the roleplay ended. One of these was named Kuragari.

She's one of my favourite characters of all time, I must say. She's nothing amazingly special, but she gave me some laughs and I think she was popular. O: But her past is so brutal and complicated, I needed to get it down on paper. Or, Microsoft Word. So I have. ;D I hope you enjoy it, and I hope I don't make it too hard to understand. Ahah. o.o

Also, King of Rohan and myself are working in conjuction. He is doing the same thing, only with his own character, Leo. It may be a good idea to regularly read his as well as mine, as they do coincide. For the fic, please click below.





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