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Free For All
14 Pokemon
No Items
Underwater Terrain
Normal Weather
No Sleep moves (barring Rest)
No Perish Song
All Hit Moves Hit One
Tall Pokemon (Pokemon 10 feet or higher get +1 in a stat of their choice)
Light Pokemon (Pokemon 50 pounds or lower get +1 in a stat of their choice)
Eyes (Pokemon with 3 or more eyes get +1 in a stat of their choice)
Pink and Yellow (Pokemon with both Pink and Yellow in either their normal or shiny sprite get +1 in a stat)

Sceptile gets beat up on turn one unfortunately, causing it to faint. The same turn, Victreebell got Flamethrowered by the boosted Magmortar's Flamethrower. Although Victreebel's trainer got a sitcom show offer. Slowbro fainted from Stunky's critical hit Night Slash and Kangaskhan's Crunch. Typhlosion was attacked my Chatot mainly, but also Dunsparce's Ancientpower. Swellow fainted mainly from Golduck's double Special Attack by Surf. Stunky Exploded when its trainer had to leave, denting Dunsparce really bad, who just got an Ancientpower boost. Dunsparce didn't get to use its boosts, because Chatot's Hyper Voice finished it. Steelix fainted from Magmortar's fiery power, it even got burned. Drifblim got its bubble burts from the combined efforts of Crunch Kangaskhan and Surf Golduck. Magmortar was destroyed by Golduck also. Floatzel barely fainted from Chatot's Hyper Voice. So only the moderators were left, meaning they cheated. Kangaskhan got hit by both Chatot and Floatzel. Chatot stood no chance against the never scathed Golduck as it was washed up by Surf.

Legend Slayer (Sceptile) gets 1,000.
GreenRampage (Victreebel) gets 1,000.
Adrenaline (Slowbro) gets 1,000.
Sota (Typhlosion) gets 1,500.
Nitrous Oxide (Swellow) gets 2,000.
Canis Lupus (Stunky) gets 2,500.
Gambling over Dancing (Dunsparce) gets 3,000.
HKim (Steelix) gets 3,500.
Fenix (Drifblim) gets 4,000.
gun6 (Magmotar) gets 4,500.
Tiana_M (Floatzel) gets 5,000.
Mario (Kangaskhan) gets 5,500.
Loyal Arcanine (Chatot) gets 6,000.
EmBreon (Golduck) gets 6,500.

I should get 7,000.

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