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Default Re: Ataro's Reffing Log


No Held Items
No Sleep Moves
No Perish Song
Evasion Allowed

The match started off with Arcanine burning up Gyarados and Aerodactyl and Spiritomb snatching Gyarados' Dragon Dance which proved a difference to both mons. With an increased speed by Dragon Dace, Spiritomb went on to using small attacks on a ninja basis to break subs and assist knock outs, while Swampert and Umbreon sat there cursing away. Finally, their mom - Aerodactyl died in combat while giving her health to Spiritomb forcefully via Pain Split and an grass attack from Breloom, whom teamed up with Spiritomb secretly(not that no one teamed up in this FFA -__-). Swampert started to get in trouble with constant Grass Knots from Gardevoir while all he can do is to keep using Protect. Finally, Swampert's Protect failed on the third try and a Giga Drain was attempted by Sceptile to knock Sceptile out and suck back alot of health. As Gardevoir's Grass Knot got redirected to Breloom doing pathetic damage, Umbreon stood there cursing away at Gardevoir. Then, everyone started to get annoyed at Umbreon's cursing, which he said, "@#$%^&*(#$%^&*," so they started to stack on the also known as DumBreon. While watching Umbreon get raped, Sceptile launched a few sneaky attacks to faint Spiritomb and breaking Gardevoir's decoy, which allowed Umbreon to become angry and go on offensive, killing that female psychic thing. It all came down to Sceptile and Breloom in the end, but with the advantage of a decoy, Breloom easily KO'd the almost full health Sceptile with an ATK+2 Focus Punch. geegee. :D

ShiniesRule1012 with Gyarados gets $1000.
Noob of all noobs with Togekiss gets $1000.
The Jr Trainer with Arcanine gets $1000.
crazy231 with Aerodactyl gets $1500.
Husnain with Swampert gets $2000.
Fenix with Spiritomb gets $2500.
Fire Away with Gardevoir gets $3000.
EmBreon with Umbreon gets $3500.
Trainer17 with Sceptile gets $4000.
HKim with Breloom gets $4500.

I should get $5000 for reffing.

Salary: $18500
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