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Default Re: Fire Away's Logging Ref


Free For All
No Items
No Sleep Moves (barring Rest)
Evasion Allowed
Hit All Hit One
No Perish Song

HKim (Charizard) vs Noob of all Noobs (Togekiss) vs The Jr Trainer (Gardevoir) vs crazy231 (Wailord) vs pokeking1 (Walrein) vs Silver Skarmory (Umbreon D) vs Megumi (Spiritomb) vs Fenix (Umbreon X)

I might write a better log of this later.

I might not.


HKim with Charizard gets $1000
NoaN with Togekiss gets $1000
Jr with Gardevoir gets $1000
Crazy with Wailord gets $1500
PK with Walrein gets $2000
SS with Umbreon D gets $2500
Megumi with Spiritomb gets $3000
Fenix with Umbreon X gets $3500

I should get $4000


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