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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

*Join date:I don't remember...*shot*
* Birthdate: April 30th.
* Name: Pokol
* Alias: Pokol DaErran(aka PDE, Pokol, Erran)
* Sex: NO!...Er, I mean, male!
* Race: Pikachus!XD
* Ethnicity: American
* Birthplace: The Republic Of Somewhere
* Location: The last place you'd think to look for me.
* Height: 2'1"
* Weight: About 56 pounds
* Shoe Size: 3
* Eye Color: Purple
* Hair Color: Brown
* Scars: Two, through both cheeks.
* Piercings: Piercings are emo
* Tattoos: Same here
* Dating/Marital Status: Single, and therefore safe from the burnin' ring of fire. :)
* Sexual Orientation: Asexual
* Family: Parent 1, Parent 2, standard assortment of relatives related to Parents 1 and 2
* Pets: I don't keep pets. :)
* Grade: Currently on summer break, will be in 9th when school starts
* Occupation: Being random, plans to become videogame designer
* Favorite Colors: Red, blue, aqua blue
* Favorite Movies: The Pink Panther, Dumb & Dumber, Get Smart
* Favorite TV Series: Kappa Mikey
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: Modest Mouse, Shinedown, Does It Offend You
* Favorite Video Games:
* Favorite Character: Sonic the Hedgehog
* Favorite Book: The Lightning Thief
* Favorite Food: Pancakes! :)
* Favorite Beverage: Chocolate milk
* Favorite Clothing Brands: I care why?
* Where you've traveled: California, Seattle
* Hobbies and Keywords: Pokemon, gaming, programming, Legos, drawing, writing, muffins
* Picture (Photo):
Vote Pikachu for President!
(I'm not Ash's Pikachu, I just look like him){That was taken at about 11. I'm a little taller now}

...So, did I convince anyone?
98% of teens won't post irritating religious fads in their signatures. If you're in that 98%, please continue to do nothing.

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