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Default Re: Kendo vs Aelita vs May Norman vs Lonewolf

Infernape appeals with Ember on Roughman! +3
[Roughman's CL=5! Infernape gets a bonus of 5 points!]

Gengar appeals with Curse on Roughman! +0
[Roughman's CL=0]

Dewgong appeals with Aqua Jet on Britney Spears! +2
Appeals first in next round.
[Britney Spears' CL=2]

Growlithe appeals with Ember on Britney Spears! +3
[Britney's Spears' CL=3]

Britney Spears awards 2 points to Growlithe!
Britney Spears awards 2 points to Dewgong!
Roughman awards 2 point to Infernape!
Roughman awards 2 point to Gengar!

Britney Spears [CL=3] | Roughman [CL=0] | MadDog v2. [CL=0]

Round 4:
1st: Dewgong 130 PTS
2nd: Gengar 110 PTS
3rd: Infernape 140 PTS
4th: Growlithe 160 PTS

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