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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders

The Elekid let out a slow breath. “You…were protecting me?” Why was it that he was so amazed?

I nodded, and then remembering that he couldn’t see me, uttered a quick “yes”. He frowned ever so slightly. “What?” I asked, curious now.

“I…I don’t want you to,” he replied in a firmer tone than before. “I don’t want you to stay here with me. Go, I don’t need protecting.”

“What? But Rye-”

“Please?” he pleaded.

I stared at him in shock. Why was he pushing me away? “I-I can’t!” I stuttered. “You’re my friend; I don’t want to leave you here by yourself.”

For some reason unknown to me, Rye sighed. “Please, it’s not good for you…Kraal and Marilai will look after me.”

I glanced over towards the Eevee-lutions and then at Scythe. “I don’t really think they’re-”

“Zanna,” he murmured, cutting me off, “Leave me alone.”

My mouth gaped in utter shock. “Why are you doing this?” I managed to choke out. “What have I done?”

I saw him pause for a moment before answering. “Too much already. I need you…to go.”

I would have replied, but for the loss of my voice. I stared at the Elekid in confusion. He…wanted me to leave? I saw Rye open his eyes and was surprised to see that they were still bright green; still retained their emerald glow. How was that possible? I was frozen. I couldn’t have moved even if I wanted to. Right now, Rye’s words hurt more than any wound that had been inflicted upon me.

The Elekid’s face creased slightly in seeing my expression. “It’s best,” he whispered lightly, “If you’re not around me.” I barely had enough sense left in me to shake my head. Rye sighed quietly and looked away. I saw the effort it took him to do that, and it pained me.

The look in his eyes was still etched within my mind. They were bright, yes. Sad? Yes, that too. But there was something else…I couldn’t figure out what it was. Gentle breathing snapped me out of my reverie. Rye had fallen asleep again. At least, that’s what I hoped it was. I could see that Scythe was still changing. Jarre was unfrozen and stopped just an inch away from me. He took one look at my face and frowned with concern.

“What? What’s wrong?” I could only shake my head. I tuned towards Scythe and glared. The Torchic’s face creased harder when I didn’t answer. “Okay, well you can just stay here, and-”

“No,” I cut him off sharply. I tore my gaze away from Rye. “You can look after him. I’ll go and fight.”


Jarre watched Zanna leave in confusion. “A minute ago she would have fought me just to stay,” he muttered sourly. What had caused the dramatic change in her temperament? The Torchic shook his head slowly and grimaced as he turned to Rye. Woah. He body was in bad shape. “Wah!” Startled by the movement, Jarre jumped a mile high. “You!” he said in surprise. “You’re awake!”

“Shhh!” Rye hissed in a whisper.

Jarre glanced over at Zanna and then back to Rye in understanding. “What did you say to her?!” he growled.

Rye frowned. “I told her to stay away from me.”

“That’s all?” Jarre muttered in surprise. “Why?”

Rye blinked uncomfortably. “I er…thought it would be best. I don’t need a body guard.”

“Uh huh…” The Torchic raised an eyebrow. “So I can leave you too, then?”

Rye blinked. “Do what you wish. I’m not the one who’ll be killing you if you do.” The Elekid sniggered softly, eyeing Zanna.

Jarre slumped beside Rye and cast him a glare. “I hate you.”

“I know,” Rye smiled sourly. He turned away and sighed. The Torchic barely cast him a glance before watching Zanna again.

That was strange, he thought. Both Zanna and Rye are avoiding my questions…He heard gentle breathing behind him followed by a groan. Great. He was unconscious again. Jarre turned his attention to Balian. He glared at the steel penguin in seething hatred. I’ll get you back for when you go me, monster. Hurting Zanna will be your downfall!


I stood as far from Kraal and Marilai as I could while still protecting them from Scythe. The Absol was now eyeing me with her icy black gaze which I returned with my own. The only way to beat a Dark Pokemon is with a Light one! I thought fiercely. I heard the soft padding of paws behind me. I instantly stuck out a paw in warning.

“You can’t stop me, rat!” Marilai spat.

I gritted my teeth. I didn’t have time for this. I turned around and glared at her, my tone more sinister and ethereal than I’d ever heard it before. “Step back unless you want to be hurt too.” I was already angry. It would be the stupid dog’s fault if she got in my way. I could feel the haze coming back over my mind. It was with difficulty that I kept it away. If I could stop Scythe now, we should be able to get out alive. The only other danger was Balian, but he seemed content enough at the moment just taunting Codan with Deoxys’ name.

Groudon was gone, but I’d overheard the dogs saying that we were lucky he drove everyone else away. Still, I’d call him back with my telepathy if I needed him. Looks like it’s time to get even. For what this fiend had put Jarre through…I didn’t bother to stifle the snarl that came from my throat. I curled my lips back in loathing and lunged. “Die, fiend!”

Scythe lunged just after I did, claws extended towards my flank. I, too, was surprised when my own claws protruded from my paws. They were serrated, yet sharp. Good, I thought. Just perfect to tear the creature to shreds!

At that moment, we collided. Scythe’s claws missed my throat by an inch. Mine found her flank and clawed across it in frenzy. The Absol growled and sank her fangs into my neck. I cried out in sheer agony, lashing back with my tail. Luckily it was enough to irritate her. Scythe let go of me and I landed on the ground off-balance. The blood that flowed from the deep wounds in my neck was making me dizzy. Scythe grinned wickedly, but winced as she walked forward. My claws had done some serious damage to her flank. She looked at herself and glared back at me, snarling. I reciprocated the gesture, claws outstretched again. This time when Scythe bolted, I was ready.

I leapt up into the air just above her. Flipping in mid-air, I struck out a paw and swiped at the flesh along her back. With any luck, I’d hit a nerve and render her helpless. As it happened though, my mark was off. My attack just aggravated the Absol, causing her to lunge at me in frenzy. I barely had the energy to dodge her attacks; the wound she inflicted was taking its toll.

Kraal and Marilai were staying well out of the way. After watching me and Scythe for a while, they knew what I was capable of. I snarled again and collided with the Absol, ripping and growling fiercely. I kicked at her with one of my feet and landed back on the ground. Scythe fell sideways and ended up being cut on a back leg. She heaved herself up and began to circle me. I followed her motion, all the while using a trick I’d picked up from Codan.

The faces I made unnerved the Absol, making her twitch and hiss. I laughed inwardly, but retained my focus. My once white fur was now a crimson red, and so was Scythe’s. One last lunge, I thought. Then I’ll get her. I lowered myself back on all fours, eyeing the Absol ferociously. My paws then acted of their own accord, carrying me forward to victory. Scythe waited, ready to pounce.


The piercing wail stopped me in my tracks, and the moment I was confused, Scythe leapt for me. Her razor sharp jaws closed around my chest and punctured my flesh. It was then that my own piercing scream echoed throughout the room. Scythe flung me to the ground which hit me hard, sending all the air from my body. Bleeding profusely, I was only vaguely aware of shouting voices around me. Through the turmoil, one voice was louder than the rest. My laboured breathing died down as I heard it.

I didn’t mean it…I’m so sorry. Don’t die now…

The anguish in the voice made me want to comfort it, but I was far from being able to move. I shuddered slightly as I became conscious of the immense pain and the effort it took to just breathe. I need to give in to the dark, I thought, but…I held onto something. It kept me above the pit, though I still succumbed. As my breathing stopped and my head swooned, the voice came one last time.

Please don’t die…I need you…

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