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Default The Xyph sprite shop

Approved by Azumao


Hello all spriters, non-spriters and requesters, to the Xyph sprite shop.



[*url=][*IMG][/IMG*][/url*] (Remove the Asterisk)


1) No more than 5 members can request at a time. No more than 2 requests per post.

2) Be ready to wait up to 4 days before you can bump up your request. Yes, you can bump if no one makes the sprite for you.

3) Workers can only join if I say so. Read the workers section for more.

4) All forum rules apply.

5) Only post if you want to request or apply for being a worker, or post about such.

6) Use the forms. If you get your sprite, say thanks and give credit. No stealing sprites. Give credit to everyone who made the sprite.

7) Type 'My favorite pokemon is __________<insert pokemon name there>

Forms and examples of what I do


Parts to be recolored and to which color:


For pokemon themed balls:


For custom pokeballs:

Details: <How the ball should look like and it's colors>


Base pokemon:
Pokemon 2:
You can keep going on till 6 pokemon.



Glows and multiglows

Glow color:
Colors at which parts(for multiglows only):

Revamps(G/S/C only)

To gold, silver or crystal:
From R/S/E or D/P:


What parts to be edited to what:

Sprited bars,icons and buttons


Fakemon form:

Fakemon name:
Details: <two paragraph description>

Other things:

Scratch name:

Region Map

Outline: <An image containing a rough outline of your region including islands, any size, and I'll try to copy it on>
Location of city and towns: <a detailed description of the city and towns, not about them, where they are on the map>
Lake locations(Optional): <telling where the lakes go and how large they are on the map>

That's all I do for now. When I learn something new, I will update.


Garchomp master-
He does not need forms and supposes his time zone is GMT.

You must be able to do at least five things. You must have at least one example for each of the things you do. You can PM another worker that does the same thing with an in-progress sprite to continue the rest of the sprite.



What you do with examples: <please give it like what I did, I'm going to copy-paste directly>
Dedication: <how many times in a day are you are going to check up>
Time zone: <so we know what you mean by 'tomorrow'>

Done work

Currently there are no sprites done.


Currently no one to give credit to.

The shop does need a banner.

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