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Default Re: The Xyph sprite shop

My favorite pokemon is Blaziken

Hello, I found your shop and I liked that you could make scratch sprites. this is good news for me because I can't do this even if I tried. I have 2 fakemon that I made that I would like to have made.

Fakemon form: round, orb shaped

Fakemon name: Fwee (you can change the name if you want)
Details: It's been nicknamed the Chameleon pokemon because it has the Multitype ability. Depending on the plate its holding will determine its type. if it isn't holding a plate it won't evolve. If it is holding a plate it evolves at level 74.
It is obtained the first time through an egg after beating the elite four. it hactches at level 1 and has high stats ex: normally pokemon have 11-13 hp when they hatch, Fwee has 15 hp. It only learns weak normal type moves until it evolves.

Other things: Has large eyes that change color with the type along with its body

Fakemon form:A large Dragon

Fakemon name:Dragorith
Details: When it evolves it keeps the type it was as a Fwee forever. you can't change its type and it begins to learn more powerful moves of its type. if it hits level 100 and has a neutral nature its stats are as follows: hp:375 attk:369 def:349 speed:384 spatk:357 spdef:353

Other things: its ability is Intimidate and it looks realy scary

Please and thank you
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