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Default .:The Elite 26:. [6 spots left!]



Since SAP quit being the leader. I was chosen to be the new one.

This is NOT a clan.

Well, it looks like the absence of members has caused a shortage, therefore, we are now the "Elite 26"

~Elites Can now be challenged for their badges. If the challenger has all the badges, He or She may challenge the Champion for theirs.~


1. ALL Pe2k Rules apply.
2. Do not flame/spam each other to death.
3. Be respectful to everyone else.
4. Enjoy yourselves!
5. All battles are to happen as so: Single, lvl 50 or 100, Standard Rule.
6. Any Pokemon can be used from any region, but I would prefer that you use Pokemon from the region you have.
7. (All members who wish to be Elite 4 members or Champions of any region must challenge me to be decided if you are worthy or not.) *Refer to Rule #11*
8. No one may move up into a different region!
9. All spots in one region must be filled before another region can start signups
10. When you win a badge. Both battlers PM me to confirm.
11. Any Elite Or Champions of a region may test battle. Only if i give them permission to do so.
12. If Any Gym Battle has taken Place, Pm me with the results, so i can update the 3rd post.

Elite 26:


Gym Leader 1: joangaes
Gym Leader 2: Ichigo0Kuro
Gym Leader 3: pikachu_110697
Gym Leader 4: Pika_Master
Gym Leader 5:
Gym Leader 6: faceplant527
Gym Leader 7: State Alchemist Patrick
Gym Leader 8: The shiny hunter
Elite 4 Member 1: Wolfdog7
Elite 4 Member 2: supergirl
Elite 4 Member 3: i_luv_ur_girl
Elite 4 Member 4: MikeTheYoshi
Champion: KDH


Gym Leader 1: Pkmonmaster222
Gym Leader 2:
Gym Leader 3:
Gym Leader 4:
Gym Leader 5:
Gym Leader 6:
Gym Leader 7:
Gym Leader 8: Oasisrush91
Elite 4 Member 1: Solohell
Elite 4 Member 2: Ralts 42
Elite 4 Member 3: PokemonKnowItAllVanessa
Elite 4 Member 4: CloeOnyxKimura
Champion: Niro


The shiny hunter
Ralts 42
State Alchemist Patrick (reserved)
Pika Master

Pokemon Diamond FC: 3351 0648 5810 (Main)
Pokemon Pearl FC: 1333 4469 2058 (Trading/Storage)
Pokemon Platinum FC: 5371 1168 6580
Pokemon HeartGold FC: 0732 7052 2726

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