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Default Re: Fire Away's Logging Ref

Free For All
No Items
Evasion Allowed
No sleep moves (barring Rest)
Talk while I ref and you lose 49%

Luvdisc beat a Snorlax with a Curse up. Best FFA ever.

spiderc (Swampert) gets $1000
ronjocox (Donphan) gets $1000
Steak freaking Sauce! (Feraligatr) gets $1000
crazy231 (Gengar) gets $1500
Megumi (Sceptile) gets $2000
Fenix (Milotic) gets $2500
Adrenaline (Snorlax) gets $3000
The Jr Trainer (Luvdisc) gets $3500

I should get $4000

Also, Pidge made a special guest appearance


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