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Default The URPG National Park is opening it's doors!

The URPG National Park: Putting the "RP" back in URPG!

After about four years, it's finally posted up! Harry got on my back about posting it, and we decided to post it in the Tourneys section, since it's hardly used. It's permanent home will be it's own section, whenever Ryan decides to make it, but in the meantime, it will be in the Tourneys section.

And to celebrate, everything is HALF OFF! That's right, we're having a Sale! For the month of September (Eastern Timezone), everything is half price!

Some people who helped have since quit the forum, but if they ever come back, they are entitled to Prizes. I know who they are, and when they come back, they are entitled to 1 (One) free Park Masterball. That of course includes me. These will also be given out as event prizes, too. In case you're wondering, these don't work on most Final Forms (Those in the Special category), or Legendaries, so they're not completely universal like real ones. Don't spend it all in one place, guys.

Just a note, the Park is still a work in progress, and not everything is worked out, so don't get on my back if nobody knows how to handle a certain situation. Not everything is perfect, and there's still kinks to work out.

Oh yea, and one last thing. If you don't know how to write, don't bother with this. You have been warned.

Go to the Tourneys Board NOW to check it all out! And don't forget to read the dang Rules!

*waits for the spam replies*
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