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Default Re: Ref Log

Fish for Fun
6-10 people
Revolution Rules
No Held Items
No Sleep Moves
No Perish Song
Moves that hit more than one Pokemon in double battles hit one opponent

First turn was all setting up, except when Crazy's poor Dragonite got frozen. It got Ice Sharded and finished, while Qwilfish got piled with psychics. Tangrowth was flamed and Iced. Wouldn't it be cool if its ability was Thick Fat? Dewgong rested from earlier damaged, but the punch from Snorlax was focused and Starmie tried to double protect and failed, getting crunched and snacked on by Snorlax. Slowbro A and B got crunched by the powered SNorlaxes respectively. Then Bryce got a lucky roll to move first and his Snorlax beat JoM's.

Eraizaa (2:15:13 AM): Now Seriously, i can't belive you didn't mention Dewgong's awesome Encores on that log. XD

And Dewgong encored a lot.

Crazy231 with Dragonite gets 1000
TheJrTrainer with Qwilfish gets 1000
Fire Away with Tangrowth gets 1000
Eraizaa-kun with Dewgong gets 1500
HKim with Starmie gets 2500
Fenix with Slowbro A gets 3000
Noob of all Noobs with Slowbro B gets 3500
Adrenaline with Snorlax A gets 4000
BryceBoy10 with Snorlax B gets 4500
I get 5000

PAID UP TO HEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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