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Default Re: The URPG National Park is opening it's doors!

Originally Posted by pokeking1 View Post
I agree with this, honestly. It just seems like more work to do than a story, imo.

It does look fun though. D:
Originally Posted by Dark Thunder View Post
I agree with sexy Psyduck.
I'm not too excited about this...I think the URPG is as good as it is. I think this will be more confusing...
EDIT: The rules are really confusing.
You two and Bryce need to just try it once. If you're a story/fanfic writer, this should be cake for you, seriously. Of course, if you don't frequent the RP board, then it might be a little hard to get into. Like I said, if you're not a writer, this will not affect you and you can go on with your URPG lives like there's nothing new. >.<

I think the URPG seriously needed this. It's not a Roleplaying Game if there's no actual Roleplaying involved, amirite?

Emp the easiest way to learn is to try it once. There is no easy explanation. If there was, then there wouldn't be eight threads.
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