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Default Re: Park Discussion Lounge (URPG Related Questions, Park Style)

Originally Posted by Sota View Post
Uh, guess I have to change my SU. Is it okay if we're a Pokemon?...

Oh, and, in the SU thread it says we can re-sign up with a differant character, so why are you guys having the discussion...

I still don't get the RPing, what, are we supposed to go to a Park and just find a Pokemon? How are we supposed to make something good?

Also, can you used the Pokeradar to attract legends so you can get a shot of them?
Actually, please go look again. For continuity's sake, one character per player, unless they want to have a second character for their Ranger if they are one.

I haven't sat down to read all the SUs, see further down as to why. I'm not sure how a Pokemon catching Pokemon would make any kind of sense, since it's similar to cannibalism, but you're not actually eating them. It's like you're basically a traitor to your own species.

SU thread was updated recently, everybody please check that you have all the new fields.

Legends are immune to Radars and Replants, or that would be unfair.
Originally Posted by lil_leprachaun33 View Post

Yea, we need to put regular items back. I still have a copy of the prices:
Full Heal - $1,000
Full Restore - $2,000
Antidote - $500
Awakening - $500
Burn Heal - $500
Ice Heal - $500
Paralyze Heal - $500
Hyper Potion - $1,000
Max Potion - $1,500

Yes, you role play yourself entering the park to catch a Pokemon, though it won't be as simple as it sounds. And no, you can't use the Pokeradar on Legendaries.

I'll be able to answer questions and help out too.

Bron- You changed the sign-ups. Weapons?

Thanks Jack, feel free to put this into the list, since you can edit. I'm kinda on a limited schedule right now until the evening.

Other stuff has been answered, and it hasn't sorry if I missed you. Been doing craploads off-forum, I need a break.
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