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Default Staff for Forum RPG!

Doc here asking for help with my Pokemon RPG. This is a forum based rpg and right now i need some staff.

Here are the Positions:

Admin: 2 Positions Open
They help with the progress of the board. They control most of the board.

Global Moderator: 2-3 Positions Open
They keep the board under control.

Forum Moderator: 2 Positions Open
They keep a forum board under control. Only need a few.

Graphix: 3-4 Positions Open
They help with the artwork of the board. You do not have to join.

Quick Description of Forum
First of All this forum is a Water Based Pokemon RPG. Marine Islands is a set of islands in the top Northern Part of the Pokemon World. Marine Islands is a Water Pokemon set of islands that include 4 gyms, a one year tournament, customized items and pokemon.


Right now im still constructing the board and when its ready ill give it to the staff.
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