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Default Re: Pokelord's Reffing Records

Starkipraggy vs Ataro

Holds Allowed
Normal Terrain

Ataro with Ambipom, Scizor, Tentacool, Shinx, Shieldon
Starkie with Cradily, Jolteon, Scyther, Dugtrio, Wobbuffet, Pikachu

Ambipom froze Cradily with Ice Punch, allowing it to set up a bit before Jolteon was switched in. Scizor was Baton Passed in, and it set up Safeguard and two Swords Dance as Scyther was switched in. It Baton Passed an Agility to Dugtrio only to be ohkoed by an X-Scissor from Scizor. Wobbuffet countered as Scizor Baton Passed to Tentacool which 2hkoed Wobba with Poison Jab. Jolteon, Pikachu and Cradily got killed to Poison Jabs. Scyther finished Tentacool with Wing Attack + Quick Attack. Shinx was sent in, but Roosted on a Discharge. Scyther rooste again, and Sheildon was switched in. They played around with Ancientpower and Roost but Shieldon got a AP boost and then it was over.

[16:51:25]PokelordUltimate: roll for the lulz
[16:51:31]PokelordUltimate: //roll-dice1-sides100
[16:51:31]onlinehost: PokelordUltimate rolled 1 100-sided die: 6
[16:51:33]PokelordUltimate: rofl

Ataro wins and gets $1000.
Starki loses and gets $500
I should get $3000 for reffing.

Salary: $12,000


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