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Default Re: Pokelord's Reffing Records

Starkipraggy vs Ataro

Holds Allowed
Normal Terrain

Ataro with Tentacool, Luxio, Scizor, Floatzel, Gyarados, Trapinch
Starki with Dugtrio, Pikachu, Jolteon, Scyther, Wobbuffet

Starki was doing well and set up Scyther bringing down Tentacool, Luxio and Scizor. Floatzel managed to KO Scyther but got two Quick Attacks and then died from Life Orb recoil. Gyarados was sent in. Jolteon Thundered on it, but Trapinch was switched in. It EQed Jolteon, but Wobbuffet was switched in and it killed Trapinch with a countered EQ next turn. Wobbuffeted then Destiny Bonded as Gyarados Dragon Danced. Wobbuffet then
Encored a Dragon Danced, and Ataro. seeing no hope just forfeited.

Starki wins and gets $1000.
Ataro loses and gets $500.
I should get $3000 for reffing.

Salary: $21,500


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