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Default Re: Ref Log


No items
No weather
No terrain
One Mon Each
No sleep(or Rest)
No Evasion/Accuracy lowering
**Each mon can choose one move type to be immune to. Not a weakness.

Most boring log ever.

Charizard shadow claw'd Unown, then flamed Froslass. Dunsparces pulsed Charizard, but got sphered by Togekiss. Yanmega got Electric/Ice piled. Snorlax got UBER comboed with Focus Blast from SA+6 Gardevoir/Ditto. Togekiss was iced by Kingdra. Floatzel was electrified by Gardevoir. Ditto, which was transform to Gardy, was shadowed over. Spiritomb, SA+6, winded Kingdra, and with bonuses from it, it Dark Pulsed Gardevoir.

Rogue Megatron (1:52:29 AM): you should add that I raped despite being encored ^_^

Spiritomb raped desipite the fast that it was encored.

Crazy with Unown-1000
Pokeking1 with Froslass-1000
FlameMaster with Charizard-1000
Gambling Over Dancing with Dunsparce-1500
Legend Slayer with Yanmega-2000
Adrenaline with Snorlax-2500
Bryceboy10 with Togekiss-3000
HKim with Starmie-3500
Tiana M with Floatzel-4000
Ataro with Ditto-4500
TheJrTrainer with Kingdra-5000
Fire Away with Gardevoir-5500
Megumi with Spiritomb-6000


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