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by WorkThoseStripes
"Between love and madness lies obsession."
I've always enjoyed writing, since I was about five years old and I wrote a five page story about an ostrich. However, as I have grown older, my writing style has matured and I began writing a lot of my own, original work. It started with short stories, even the odd fan fic here and there, but my writing was never quite up to the task of being memorable, something that I could genuinely say that I was proud of. Over the past year, I've began to write a series of books, each different in so many ways, but with one common factor. I want to share with you one of those stories that is, by no means, finished, in fact I haven't really written much of it at all, so this is somewhat of an experiment for me. Luckily, with this particular series of books, you don't have to have read the ones that proceed it to understand the story.
Writing has, without doubt, something that keeps me going, in a sense and I'm quite happy to say that I have a boat load of imagination to fuel this 'obsession' of mine. It's something to do when there's nothing else, a way of letting out my feelings and a way calming me from any emotional highs I may experience.
One of the key themes of this particular story is obsession and the driving forces behind it. It's a fantasy story, so don't expect it to be set in a recognizable setting, but something that I've been aiming for with these series is to write a 'fantasy' that shows that, despite the sword fighting, the quests, the magic and the battles between good and evil, the people are exactly the same. I wanted to write a series of fantasy books that had a large chunk of realism thrown into them. Because, just because a story is set in another planet and there are heroes out to save the day, it doesn't mean things are going to run smoothly, or even end smoothly.
'Obsession' is just one of the things I have added into the story to give more or sense of realism and other books deal with completely different things. However, this particular installment is most certainly the closest I get to realism and, almost unfortunately, the most dark and tragic one.
You might think that I'm not doing this very well, that I should have at least written more, or at least have a name for the story, but, as I said, this is an experiment and, another theme of the story, may I add, is that you can't plan everything away and sometimes you're going to need to take a risk and do things without a plan. Of course, this may not work out well at all, but I want to try this experiment of mine.

In numerology, the numbers 524 can be translated as "dying isn't easy". Death is something that I find is extremely hard to write about, something that I feel isn't written about as truthfully as it could be. Now, I cannot claim to know what it's like to die, so I simply have my own opinion on what it must be like. I simply cannot imagine it to be a moment where all your cares are washed away, or a moment where you think about your life. In a lot of books, death is made out to be a strangely easy ordeal, where you finally feel at peace. However, I feel death is something a lot darker than that.

This is the story of three girls, Girl, Rin and Vega. Girl is a young girl without a single memory of her past, who has latched her hopes onto one man. Unknowingly, she becomes more and more attatched to this stranger, Dante Calin, and begins to obsess over him. He promises her that he is going to help her find out who she is and why she lost her memory, but, though Girl herself does not notice it, blinded by her love, Dante begins to act very strangely. The story of Rin is told through the eyes of Altair, a young man who is searching for his lost love. Many years ago, the leaders of the world decided to destroy a race of beings called 'Summoner's, fearing them and deciding that they were a threat to the rest of the world. All the Summoners were killed, executed, their race wiped out, except for one survivor, Rin. Altair tells the tale of himself and Rin and their life together as tehey cared for each other while running from a man who wished to use Rin's skills against her and keeping her secret hidden from the world. The third story is Vega's, a girl who has only a few hours left to live, having been sentenced to death for commiting a terrible crime. Vega's past life is muddled and confused and she is unable to rely or trust anything except for the death that waits for her in the morning.
The story of these three girls are very different and occur in different times. Rin's in the past, Girl's in the present and Vega's in the future. However, each story shares the theme of obsession and death and both Rin, Girl and Vega are linked, whether they remember or not.

I'm not entirely sure on the rating that I need to give this story, so it would be incredibly helpful if someone could point me in the right direction. The Prologue is up now and, I must admit, it was fairly rushed towards the end, so it could do with some work. Criticism is most welcomed because I enjoy having others help me with my work.
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