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Smile The Random Story-The First Chapter

Chapter One: The First Chapter

It was morning, and sun shone on every acre of Pennsylvania, Texas, a little-known town. As always, young Bob lay in bed, black hair sitting atop his head. His bed was covered in red blankets, his room painted blue and his pajamas were painted blue as well. He was fast asleep, and you could tell that by looking at his unconscious face...which is why by twelve o' clock he got out of bed, yawned and stretched a little.

" going to be a great day!" Bob said cheerily, rubbing his right eye with a smile. In a few seconds he'd looked wide-awake, and marched over to his bedroom doorway. Since the blue door was closed, naturally he'd have to turn the blue doorknob to open it...and all the while, he got the strange feeling that something bad might happen that day...

He opened the door.

Bob looked around. This was not his was the remains of his house! "...WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HOUSE!?!?" Only the remnants of walls could be seen among the mysterious grass that wasn't really there before, and smoke rose from what seemed like everything. Even a nearby bird was smoking. Bob looked at it with a simple frown. "Did you do this? I thought you might have because cigarette smoke is bad for you and bad guys do bad stuff like that."

The goldfinch started to sweat, then quickly spit out its small cigarette and flew away noisily. The paper thingy simply sat on the grass, releasing secondhand smoke. Nobody seemed to care about it.

Bob was suddenly very confused and curious. Who did this? Had a meteor crashed into his house overnight? Had he called Jenny yet!? All of these questions and more bombarded his mind like pelicans shooting potatoes from their beaks. When one question damaged his frontal lobe, he decided to investigate a little...

...So he walked behind his bedroom. Once there, he noticed some blond-haired guy in a black cloak was hiding behind it. The guy was looking down and saying quietly, "Nobody would think to look back here...muahahahaha....."

Bob said to him, "Did you destroy my house?"

"Before I tell must answer this question..." The person slowly revealed a sword from behind his back. It wasn't very shiny, as it had coffee and water stains all over it. He held the sword out in front of himself and asked, "Why did you paint your clothing?"

Why did Bob paint his pajamas? That was a good question. He had to ask himself that. At that moment, he thanked this man for his query...

The sword slashed Bob's left arm! That is to say, Bob's arm now had a small cut that would stop bleeding in a minute or two. "Too slow!" He replaced the sword in a sheath behind his back. He ran off, saying, "You're worth nothing to me..." At that same time, he thought, A true warrior would have said "I don't know" !

Afterwards, Bob knew just where to turn to. He'd heard about it on TV. He'd read about it in the newspaper. But he didn't remember all of that. He just thought of something random...


"So this is the Purple Dojo!" he said, tipping his "M" hat (which had no relevance to anything whatsoever) and wearing a generic red shirt and generic blue jeans. Standing in front of him was a generic dojo, only it was painted red. "This isn't purple. Alright, heads I stay here, tails I'll look for the real Purple Dojo." He tossed a generic quarter into the air...when it landed, the visible side said "EPIC FAIL" on it. "....mmmmeh." Bob walked into the purplish-reddish building, leaving the EPIC FAIL coin to rest on the dirt.

Inside of the generic dojo was a generic room, with a bunny and two hooded figures inside the totally-red room.

"Greetings," the rabbit said in a surprisingly low voice.



Most everything shall be explained later, though why Bob doesn't seem to have any parents and why he needs to go to this dojo may remain unknown. I promise you that the blond-haired guy and bunny shall have names in the not-too-distant future. Also, I can tell you right now that the second chapter won't be as funny as this one, but it still will be, and it'll give you more info on exactly what goes on in Pennsylvania, Texas (yesh, it's a made-up town). And I PROMISE once again that the chapters to come will be much longer than this.


Bob begins training at the Purple Dojo! But why is it purple when it's really red? And what'll happen when Bob fights Fauna and his swarm of bee servants???

Fauna: You won't want to miss this chapter~

Chapter Two: Days of Training-Coming Soon!
A very dumb story. Go read it.
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