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Default Re: Marth's Shop of Shinys and EV'd Shinys

#208 Steelix (Gold Rock) (Female)

EV Spread: 252 Def, 252 HP, 6 Att;
Nature: Lax
Stats: 323/176/536/121/126/65
Moves: Iron Tail/EarthQuake/Crunch/Stone Edge

I am interested in this. I am also interested in your Shiny, UT, Modest Milotic.
I have EV's, Shiny EV's, some UT shineies, in my thread. there is a link in my signature. An example is:
Gyarados: EV spread: 252 Attack 252 Speed, 6 Sp. Def (It's got great stats, and shiny)
{Mah Linkz}

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