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Default Re: The Tears of Love

Melody gasped. Her mind tumbled with thoughts and questions.

Why would Sarahís mother write to Jason? Does she hate him because he couldnít save her?

However, she knew that none of the questions in her mind would be answered if she didnít find out. Instead of asking Jason for the answers, Melody quickly grabbed the paper from his hands. Her eyes spilled over the letter, pulling the answers from the multitude of sentences. Luckily for Melody, Jason did not protest. He continued to remain sitting, staring upon the space in which the letter used to occupy.

Dear Jason,

I received your email regarding my daughterís death.

I write this in great pain. There have been so many deaths in so short a time. First her father and now little Sarah. She was a special girl, perhaps more so than weíll ever know. A part of me dies with her.

Yesterday, a member of Team Trainer informed me that Sarahís body had arrived in Celadon City. Iím glad that they managed to recover her remains. We can finally lay her to rest.

Her funeral will be a private ceremony, family only. However, youíre invited to attend, Jason. I only request that you bring Espeon home. In your last email, you discussed how Espeon appeared to be dying, yet you had hopes. If she is alive, I hope that you bring her back safely. If she died while in surgery, bring her body home safely.

I am told that electronic communications are down, so Iíve sent this using the old-fashioned Pidgey mail system. You donít have to respond, just follow the path back here. Our house is deep within the woods near Celadon, but I believe you know the way. May God save us all, Jason.

Mrs. Angela Smith

Melodyís hand slowly fell, her fingers releasing the sorrowful letter. As if guided by some invisible hand, the letter floated down to land in front of Jason.

For a moment, he merely stared at the befallen letter, sniffling slightly. He slowly leaned forward to pick it up, but hesitated halfway. For a moment, he remained in that position seemingly unsure whether to retrieve the funeral invitation or to leave it in peace.

Melody could only watch Jasonís hesitation.
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