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Default Re: Battle Log Thread

My Rules:
Voice Chat Off
6 vs. 6
Level 100 Single
OU, but please, not OU spamming. I don't like seeing the standard Heatran Scizor Mence Blissey.. etc. Teams. You know?
Species Clause
Hax Items Clause
Sleep Clause
Evasion Clause
Ubers Clause
Whatever other clause I'm missing.

Battle Record:
Wins: < 9,000. (Just kidding, 219 atm.)
Losses: 51
Draws: 3

ShadowDarkrai- he's a hacker, all his pokemon are shiny, and have hacked EV's. Don't battle this kid. He has a big trade thread, so I'd avoid trading with him since he does pokesav.
Elite2000-he disconnects every time I get in the lead, and says my pokemon are hacked. I mean, wtf? What a sore loser. Don't battle this guy, he can't take a loss.

Clan: The Psychotic Organization

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