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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; Chapter ONE posted!

Fear not, little puppies! The second chapter dawns upon you!

BEGIN Chapter Two;
Ignore the Man in the Strangely Familiar Jacket

Caro’s confusion was not at all uncalled for. For, you see, Helio didn’t look much like his companions at all...

He was taller than the two teenagers looking at him, about six feet, give or take; a full foot taller than his traveling companions. He was also paler than they were, and obviously at least ten years older, if not more.

In fact, just about every visible part of him was different than those of Caro and Kris; his hair was not nearly as long as theirs, but was shorter, spikier, and a somewhat unnatural shade of blue; steel blue or something along those lines was what seemed to come to mind. His eyes were also slightly narrower than theirs were, but Caro wasn’t totally sure if he was doing this on purpose or if it was just a natural thing. His eyes were a rather odd gray color that seemed to look right through you sometimes, and other times were just there, not looking like they did anything.

The pelt on his torso was all white, though it was a bit hard to tell because there was a much more interesting gray one above it, with a medium-sized strip down the middle. This was all fine and good, but the thing that really made it set out was the unusual design. Two thick yellow lines seemed to be going around the gray pelt near where it ended, and a rather odd-shaped charcoal patch lay under the lines, in a pattern that is rather difficult to describe with words alone, and was by no means possible on paper to Caro and Kris’ knowledge. The parts of the pelt that went down his arms were also black, as was the longer pelt going down his legs.

However, the most important thing of all was also the smallest and arguably the least noticeable; a yellow image that seemed to resemble the Unown rune G was in plain sight on the upper right side of his gray pelt, over near the sleeve.

By now, you have probably figured out from the description who Helio was in his human form, if not even earlier.

“Yeah...funny story.” Cyrus muttered.

“Story? I want to hear it.” Kris quickly got up from her sitting position. She was a bit wobbly at first and lost her balance a few times, but soon got used to it due to the practice she had in her former Persian form. “R-right, me too.” Caro, on the other hand, was having a bit more difficulty stabilizing himself, but with Cyrus and Kris’ aid he got it down, sooner or later.

Cyrus turned and looked down at the two children who used to be his only allies – he wouldn’t call them friends, but allies seemed suitable - in the dimension where he had been imprisoned in for the last... ten years or so, was it? His human body didn’t seem to age during the period he was a Magneton, so it wasn’t so easy to tell.

“Well...I don’t exactly know all the details just yet.” Cyrus looked up at the sky for a moment, and then brought his gaze down again. “Maybe I did, and Uxie wiped my memory. I’m not sure.” He paused for a second, before continuing on. “I...have dome some things I can’t say have been very helpful in my life.” He folded his arms and leaned against a lamppost, looking up into the now darkening sky, Skorupius and Draconair shining brightly. “Most people have. They had stolen something, or told a lie, or something along those lines. I did...something much more complicated.” Caro and Kris listened, attention unwavering, as they learned the previous – and incredibly unexpected - human life of their best friend. They were fine with referring to him as a friend, even though they had only known him for six or seven months. (You see, time flows differently in Caro and Kris’ home universe. What was two years there could have been 25 here.)

After he had finished, Kris was silent, but Caro had a question, as usual. “ did you know about the Galaxy and Dimensional Keys?” Cyrus hesitated for a moment, and then replied in the standard monotone. “While doing research work on the Red Chain, the Galaxy and Dimensional Keys were both listed as required items in quite a few of my...resources. I couldn’t find them anywhere. So I think you can imagine my reaction when one of the two things that had doomed my plan to fail was sitting in front of me on a little stone pillar in some mountain in an alternate universe, with moonlight being sucked into it.”

Cyrus was silent after that. He quite clearly wasn’t planning on saying anything more. “So...what do we do now?” Caro asked, looking around, then cocked his head to one side. Kris seemed to have gotten over the fact that her best friend had once tried to destroy and recreate the human universe, but was still shaking a little bit. “I honestly don’t know.” Cyrus looked around, gaze sweeping over the marshy landscape, not noticing anything in particular except the expanse of mud.

“Y-you said you came from Sunyshore City, didn’t you? So let’s go there. You must be pretty eager to see your hometown after seeing nothing but talking Pokemon for what, nine, ten years?” Kris pointed out, still a bit shakily. She didn’t completely understand the different places’ timeflow yet. After all, they had only been here for one human-time day.

Nobody seemed to have had a better idea, so Cyrus removed a Pokeball from his pocket. He tossed it into the air, and it opened, spreading the red light into shape of a Honchkrow, much to Caro and Kris’ surprise and slight horror. Not a very happy Honchkrow, but a Honchkrow still. It squawked angrily at its owner, and then snatched the Pokeball from his hand and violently and angrily crushed it in two. Having broken the seal binding it to the person who hadn’t done anything Pokemon care-related to it in nine or ten years, the Honchkrow flew off into the night, heading in the general direction of what Cyrus could only assume to be Eterna Forest.

“Well, so much for air transportation.” Cyrus said blankly. “If we’re planning to go anywhere, it looks like we’ll be doing it on foot.”

“Well, then, let’s go!” Kris chirped, and immediately set off in a random direction. Caro sighed and put his hand on his forehead, and then glanced at his hand; he wasn’t quite used to this ‘Human’ concept yet. “Do you even know how to get to Sunyshore City?” He asked with a told-you-so tone, purposefully trying to provoke Kris. “Well, do you?” Kris turned around and huffed back, and turned to Cyrus – but he was already walking in the direction opposite of where Honchkrow had flew off in a very Honchkrowlike rage, probably to find itself some minions. Minions, it felt, were long overdue.

“Woah – hey, wait up!” Caro and Kris dashed after their friend, who had longer legs and thus was going much faster than they were, even though he was moving at a slower pace and had to dodge around the expanse of marshy mud. Caro was used to this speed difference, since he used to have stubby Raichu legs and could only get around anywhere near quickly on all four paws, but Kris wasn’t – her muscular Persian body could have outraced him in Magneton form in an instant.

As Caro chased along behind his friend, he took a better look up at Cyrus, who didn’t seem to be using much effort but was still going faster than they were. Was this Human really the same slightly creepy but lovable Magneton he had known just a few days ago? It didn’t make any sense at all.

“Hey, where are you going?” Kris asked, panting slightly. “Sunyshore City?” Cyrus shook his head, but didn’t turn around. “No.” he said. “I am heading in that general direction, but I have a few stops to make first. We will be circling around Sinnoh, and when we get back to our starting point, here, that is when we will set off for Sunyshore City.” And with that, he kept walking, checking back every once in a while to make sure Caro and Kris were still alive.

Wow, shocker. Well? What did you expect? Of course I was going to put him in here one way or another.

Well, puppies, enjoy.

So, does this mean I'm allowed to talk now?


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