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Default Breeders Needed

I need the following pokemon for two new teams. They all have to be untouched and with the natures and personalities, and egg moves in a couple cases, listed. I'll offer any pokemon on my trade thread (link in sig) for any of these pokemon, and I'll offer any two for the Pichu, Horsea, Eevee, and Rayquaza. They are listed in the following format:

Pokemon name; Ability (egg move) - Nature, IVs Desired (I don't really care about the others)

Exeggcute - Modest, 31 in Sp Atk

Staryu - Timid, 31 in Speed

Abra - Modest, 31 in Sp Atk

Pichu (Volt Tackle) - Jolly, 31 in Speed

Snorunt - Modest, 31 in Sp Atk

Bagon (Hydro Pump) - Modest, 31 in Sp Atk

Horsea; Poison Point (Signal Beam) - Modest, 31 in Sp Atk

Dratini - Lonely, 31 in Attack

Gible - Adamant, 31 in Attack

Rayquaza - Mild, 31 in Sp Atk

Eevee; Adaptability - Mild, 31 in Sp Atk

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