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Default Want 6 events for 1 Pokemon? LOOK HERE!

(if this is against the rules, please give me the benefit of a doubt, as I need a team by Friday and this'll be my last topic on PE2K...)

K, I have nearly completed my Pokemon team and am in need of one final event Pokemon: a HASTY natured event UT DEoxys. K? Please tell me it's nature (has to be hasty) current form and stats including HP, and if it's good enough I'll offer a Shiny ALMIA Darkrai or TCGWC Pikachu and World 08 lucario or some other things for the people with everything.

So, my WANTS:

HASTY UT Event deoxys


Almia (shiny) Darkrai
TCGWC Pikachu
TCGWC Lucario

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