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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; Chapter TWO posted!

Hark, puppies! Chapter Three rises above thee, descending from the heavens!

Chapter THREE;
No, We Have Never Met a Pokemon that Only Said Its Name...

About two seconds after this awkward interaction took place, the three felt a slight chill.

A couple seconds after that, they realized with a jolt where they were.

And then, reality set in with a generous helping of sheer cold.

Though they hadn’t realized it, they had not been near Pastoria City as Cyrus had originally thought. Far from it. As it turns out, they were actually in the forest near Snowpoint City, Sinnoh’s northern-most community, shivering violently from the cold, snow-covered mountain below their feet. The Pastorian landscape had just been an illusion caused by a particularly troublesome Medicham lurking nearby, snickering its little heart out.

As Cyrus shot a quick glance at the human-like Psychic and Fighting-type, he remembered something Caro and Kris would definitely need to get done. “Now. I don’t mean to sound like Professor What’s-his-tree, but you two are in a far more dangerous place than you were previously, without any self-protection at all. Both of you are going to need to find yourself some Pokemon, and register as Trainers.”

“Wh-what?!?” Caro and Kris shouted together, and then gazed up at him, eyes wide with horror. “ mean...we have to catch Pokemon in those...things?” Caro whimpered, remembering Medicham’s vision of the Honchkrow violently crushing its Pokeball and flying off into the twilight.

“That’s the general idea, yes.” Cyrus paused, and continued in the still-typical monotone. “Of course, you two need to decide. Would you rather wander around with no self-defense, or have an unbelievably powerful defense mechanism and ally at your disposal?” He looked down at them, waiting for an answer with another, as usual blank, face. “I, for one...well...I’m going to do it.” Caro raised his hand, still shivering. “It would help me look at Pokemon in a whole new way. And besides, if we ever get back to Treasure Town, we would have some new recruits...” He nodded his head. “So yeah.”

“Ah, what the heck. It’ll be nice to have a pastime in this ridiculously insane alternate uni- oh, sorry. No offense, Helio.” Kris stopped her sentence short, totally forgetting that the ridiculously insane alternate universe she was insulting and currently residing in was his home world.

“None taken.” Cyrus blinked once, and then turned. “You two, come with me. I can go with you as far as the city limits, but past that I can’t risk being recognized. That would be...more trouble than it’s worth.” Caro grimaced slightly as he spoke. Casually walking into a new place without their only guide would be a slight issue. “It’s not a problem.” Cyrus continued. “Find the white building with the red roof, go in, and ask the human behind the counter if you could sign up as Trainers.” They nodded at the same time, and set off, seeing as the three were now lurking in the shadows of the snow-covered trees near the city. “Go.”

They quickened their pace as Cyrus slunk farther into the snow-coated shadows, using his years of (childhood) experience of generally being invisible to hide from passerby.

“Whoaaaa.” Caro muttered under his breath as they looked around at the snowy town, and the huge temple near the back in particular. “Place with the red roof, that’s what Helio said.” Kris pointed out, snapping him out of the trance. “Over there. Let’s go.” She tugged on his arm, and set off at a brisk – or, at least as close to brisk as you could get in knee-high frozen water droplets - pace, trudging through the deep snow.

Finally, they arrived at the huge white building, and cautiously stepped in. Kris raised an eyebrow – this place was amazing. And big. There was a clear, unblocked pathway down the aisle to the human at a desk near the other end, but there were long, cushiony couches stretched along the sides of the aisle. There were also smaller couches nearer the wall, as well as a café in the corner. While she was gazing at the Pokemon Center in all of it’s splendor and pink-and-yellow glory, Caro was already chatting with the pink-haired woman behind he counter near the back. She quickly dashed over to him in case he tried to do or say anything too stupid.

“Yes, both of us want to be Trainers. No, we’re not on some far-fetched quest from Professor Lucas. Yes, we are over ten years old. Yes, we’re not from here. No, we don’t have any Pokemon at this time.” Caro was answering questions as the appalled receptionist woman shot them out. The Joy was surprised – she usually used her rapidfire questions as a way of filtering out the Trainers destined to fail. Only one other person had done them this quickly and accurately, back when she was working in the far east part of the region...

The woman shrugged and pressed some keys on the computer, and then nodded. She directed them over to near a Pokeball camera, which took their pictures, much to their amazement; “What, it’s like you’ve never seen a camera before! Ah, you were foreigners, I forgot...” And with that, she handed them both a card and some money. “Okay, you two. Good luck on your adventure!” Her beaming smile turned to a frown as some boy rushed in the door, cradling a Monferno in his arms. So that was why the pathway up here wasn’t blocked. Not paying much attention to Caro, the boy nearly plowed him over in his rush to get to the Nurse. “Hey! Watch where you’re swinging that Monferno next time!” Caro hissed. “Should we get back to Helio now? It must have been at least an hour by now...” he mused, brushing himself off. “Yeah, I think so.” With that, Kris and Caro left the warm, compelling Pokemon Center back into Nature’s unforgiving cold spell of a town.

Seeing Kris and Caro approaching, Cyrus put the two Ultra Balls back into his pocket and nodded when they approached. “You were taking a while, so I decided to catch you some starters. It would make things a lot easier later on.” He removed the Balls from his pocket again, and tossed them to the two Pokemon-turned-teenagers. Staggered, they sent the new Pokemon out.

On the left, in front of Kris, stood a vaguely human Pokemon, about a foot shorter than she was. There was a magneta-colored circle on the Pokemon’s head, sporting three smaller oval-shaped appendages out of it; one on each side, and one out the back. Its arms were long and slender, and its legs were covered by a large mass of magenta-pinkish skin, for isolation or decoration Kris didn’t know. Its lips seemed to be slightly larger than normal.

“Yo! Nice to meetcha!” It chirped, and then bowed to its new mistress. “Yeah, nice to meet you too, Medicham.” Kris nodded back a bit absentmindedly, turning the Ultra Ball over in her hand.

Caro chuckled as his Pokemon was sent out, on the right. There was a slightly rodent-like Pokemon smirking there on its hind legs, long, bright white claws shining in the moonlight. It was mostly black, save its eyes, a few golden rectangular shapes on its forehead and torso, and a large red featherlike thing growing out of...its ear? No, that feather thing was its ear, just shaped different than the other, which was more catlike. As a cold wind blew, Caro noticed there were three more red feathered thingies making up its tail.

“Hmph. So you’re the guy I’m serving for the rest of my life...sweet.” The Pokemon cackled as it flexed its claws at its new owner, red eyes shining brightly, eager to size this kid up.

“Hey, wait a minute! Can’t humans not understand Pokemon?” Kris objected, confused. “Usually, you would be correct. But in our case, where we have all lived a percentage of our lives as Pokemon, we must have retained the ability to communicate with Pokemon from our previous...forms.” Cyrus replied. Kris nodded. “O-kaay...”

“Well, now that you all have introduced yourselves, let’s keep moving.” Cyrus turned and moved towards Lake Acuity. The other four turned and ran beside him, eager to warm up.


Uxie smiled, eyes completely closed.

The three travelers were coming, along with some Pokemon natives. Oh, what a joyous reunion this would be... waving farewell to his sisters, the Legendary Sprite Fairy Levitating Blob Thing of Knowledge teleported down to Earth with a flashy light show to be positioned in a dark corner of his cave in the middle of Lake Acuity, laughing to itself all the way down.

Uxie couldn’t wait to sense his old friend’s feelings when he came into his domain. That would be fun.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

(vpp da)
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