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Talking !!!cloning shop!!!

ok, i clone with ar i can clone for you.. so if you have any pokemon that u need cloned im your guy! now if your worrying that i might hack you let me assure you that i wont i have already had a cloning thred about when i fist joined... what happened to that well i got realy busy and alot of personal problems so i had to stop now im back up for busness took care of all my buisness and im good to go!!

now if u want me to clone for u i can only do 5 copies + original at a time now im fast so it will take 5mins tops for me to clone them for u.. also i need u to leav your friend code and name when u post and ill leave mine.... here it is

Name= Franky Code= 4553 8291 8695

if you have any questions feel free to ask thanks!!
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