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Default Re: Xu pokemon--story 1--forest, aqua, and icicle

Okay, you either really need to learn how to troll properly or you need to learn how to take criticism maturely. You are posting your story on the internet. That means you are posting to get feedback and comments about it, otherwise you could keep it on a Microsoft Word document and tell yourself you're really great. The people who have reviewed your story haven't insulted you, they've tried to help you make it better. Listen to them and learn from them, 'cause for the most part, they know what they're talking about. Trust me, I've been in the same situation as you.

Seeing as Camisado has mostly tackled everything already, I only want to add two pices of advice; never post a chapter/story until it is completely finished. No one wants to read something that is only half the quality that it should be, you know? Secondly, stop typing in capitals. Seriously, caps lock is not cruise control for cool.

Now grow up, learn how to improve and maybe people won't look at you and be reminded of a n00bish writer who refused to listen to anyone.