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Default TheJrTrainer vs Violet City Gym Leader Adrenaline

Forgot to log this

3 on 3, D/P, Sunny weather, no items, freeze clause, ohko clause

Jr with Abanmasnow, Infernape, Swampert

Adrenaline with Crobat, Charizard, Gliscor

Crobat sent Abanmasnow to sleep but it woke up straight away to blizzard Crobat. Lots of switching then took place with Hail damage. Gliscor got Kod by Infernape's overheat and Crobat got finished off. Charizard then got Kod by Swampert's stone edge.

Jr defeats the gym 3-0

Jr gets $2,000, badge and TM Roost
Adrenaline gets $1,000

I should get $1,500 for reffing

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