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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; Chapter THREE posted!

BEGIN Chapter Four

Finally, after what seemed to be hours of trudging through deep snow, the three adventurers – for the Pokemon had been returned to their Balls – finally stopped in front of the opening in the trees known as the entrance to the Acuity Lakefront. Caro stared at the entrance for a while, then shrugged and barged right in. Kris shook her head and followed, tailed finally by Cyrus, who didn’t seem to be cold at all.

You really couldn’t see it in the dark corner of the cavern, but Uxie felt like he was just about at his bursting point from silent laughter. He clammed up immediately when the crash of a Gyarados splashing into the water blasted from outside, echoing all around the cavern and really, really hurting Uxie’s ears.

He bit his lip, trying to keep silent from the excitement and loud booming splash. Eventually, the splashing and flailing stopped, the stifled sound of something landing on the snow-covered rocks, and trudging through the thick white mass of snow.

The three were coming.

Kris, Caro, and Cyrus had made it to the center of the landmass, where an opening in the rocks loomed above them. “And here we have it,” said Caro sarcastically, “an old cave. Now what did you need to do here again?” He turned to Cyrus with a cocked eyebrow. Cyrus gave no response, but walked into the darkened rock cavern anyway.

A few minutes pass. And then a few more. Silence.

Unless Uxie wasn’t here, there should have been some reaction by now. Right?

“There’s nothing here! Let’s go.” Caro impatiently commented as he turned to leave. Kris shot one last look at the cave and turned to depart, but stopped when she noticed Cyrus wasn’t following. “Why are you still here?” She asked. “It’s deserted. Whatever you were looking for isn’t here.”

Cyrus stood there for a few more minutes, and finally accepted the fact that the cave really was deserted. As he turned to leave, though, a few flickers of light swirled around one point in the center of a large puddle, hovering a few feet above it for a few seconds, before materializing with a little whoosh.

“Hello again.” Uxie smiled warmly. “Been a while. Ten years, in fact. Exactly ten as of yesterday. Did you know that?” Uxie crossed his arms. Cyrus, Kris, and Caro stopped in their tracks and turned around, the latter two with surprised expressions on their faces.

“U-Uxie?” Kris took a step back. “Uxie.” Cyrus confirmed. “What do you want?” He turned to the floating blue-and-yellow blob that was the Knowledge Pokemon.

“Nothing much, actually. I just came to check in on you to make sure that you don’t get in to any more...trouble.” He hovered up to get face-to-face with the tall human male, and poked him squarely in the middle of his forehead, smiling. Cyrus was unfazed.

“What do you want?” He asked again. “I already told you, dimwit.” Uxie said with a laugh. Cyrus really didn’t appreciate being called a dimwit, but he didn’t show it – and even if he had, Uxie wouldn’t have stopped anyway.

“I’m just here to check on you. Oh yeah, and keep an eye out for Mesprit. She’s gotten pretty riled up two last met.” Uxie cocked an eyebrow, and Caro did the same. “You met Mesprit? And Uxie? And what about Azelf?” He asked.

“All three of them, yes.” Cyrus nodded. “Just...not in the way you expect. Anyway, it looks like we’re done here.” As Uxie seemed to have no objection, he glanced around the dark cave once more, and then turned around. He walked right past his friends, beckoning for them to follow.

“Oh yeah.” Caro nodded, remembering the story Cyrus had spilled earlier on, in Snowpoint.

“I’ll remember that. You two, we need to get through Mt. Coronet.” Stepping out of the cave, a Gyarados roared. A few swishing noises, and silence descended once again over the freezing lake.

“Wait a second.” Kris pointed out, once they had landed back on the snow-covered mainland. “Why should we need to go through some big mountain if we can just use your Gyarados?” Cyrus blinked. He had forgotten for a moment that there were different laws of Water Pokemon mobility in Treasure Town.

“No.” He replied. “Where we are, Water Pokemon do not have the ability to go much farther than a few inches off the ground. We do, however, have Honchkrow, since the little escapade it threw happened in some Medicham’s prank.” To prove his point, he jammed one hand into his pocket and pulled out a red-and-white sphere.

Caro and Kris both cringed. They weren’t yet completely used to the concept of storing Pokemon in those...things, but they would just have to deal with it. Oh well.

Cyrus tossed the ball into the air, and a Honchkrow looked back at him, chirping happily. For, time was distorted in these Pokeballs, so the Pokemon inside learned to not trust their sense of time while in the Arceus-forsaken things.

“’Ello there! What’s up with you? Been a while, hasn’t it?” Cyrus just now remembered how much his Honchkrow seemed to talk, and made a silent oath to never attempt conversation with it again. “Yes, it has. Fly along Mt. Coronet with the three of us – if you can’t handle three, we’ll get some Golbats – and head for Eterna City.”

Honchkrow, needless to say, was stunned. As far as he knew, humans couldn’t understand what he said. “How did you...when did d’you understand me?” Cyrus blinked. “Time goes faster outside a Ball. Now, can you carry one adult and two teenagers?” Honchkrow wasn’t satisfied with his owner’s answer, but the large bird Pokemon let it slide anyway. “Oh, no way. You would need Golbats for that, sorry!”

“Can’t be helped. To the nearest Golbat nest, then.” Kris shrugged, and turned to face the large mountain. “Finding a Golbat shouldn’t be that hard, right?”

“More common than a Magikarp dealer.” Cyrus started towards a large opening in the wall and poked his head in. Honchkrow did the same. “Yep! There’s millions of the things. I’ll leave the rest to you two, mmkay?” Honchkrow turned to Caro and Kris. “They’re your Golbats, after all.”

Cyrus tossed some Great Balls over his shoulder. Caro and Kris caught them, still a bit surprised. “Attack the Pokemon until it obtains a red Aura emanating around it, and when that happens, toss the Pokeball and hope for the best.” Cyrus stood to the right of the gap in the rocks to give the two teenage children access to the cave.

“Look! Red aura! Like Helio said – these guys must have been recovering from an attack by another...what are Golbats in again? Colonies? Eh, what the heck. Catch one!” Kris chirped.

“All right!” Caro laughed. He tossed a Great Ball into the mob of glowing red light. Kris did the same. A few screeches and thunk noises later, two red spheres fell to the floor of the cave, shaking at first. Slowly but surely, they stopped quivering and lay there, solitary.

And then they abruptly flew into their owners’ faces with all swiftness. “OW!” Caro shouted.

“Maybe we should send them out.” Kris shrugged, still massaging her head from a metal ball hitting her square in the forehead, much as Uxie’s tiny fist had done a little while before. “Yeah, I guess we should.” Caro whimpered, doing the same thing. With the hand they were not currently using for massaging their heads, the two teenagers flung the balls into the air...

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