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Default Rockman Utopia

In the year of 30XX

Rockman Utopia, Episode 1

"A World for Reploids... that was Sigma's wish," a figure said, standing in a ravaged field, surrounded by rubble and bodies.
"This world must be governed by the dominique." The figure continued, striding forward through the huddled masses of destruction.
"If the dominique is threatened, the world must be cleansed of those who present the threat."
The figure then was standing face to face with what seemed to be a large group of aggressors. Most likely an army. The figure smirked, all of a sudden beginning to levitate off the ground, his arms at his side.
"The dominique commands the respect of his people," He uttered out loud, seemingly directing this towards the group ahead. They seemed to recoil in fright at this awesome being's potential. One of the opposers fell, tripping on a rock. The levitating being chuckled, flicking a finger at the fallen soldier, who instantly was ripped apart. The group failed to retreat, they were too frozen; intimidated. The being laughed, his voice apparently shaking the heavens.
"I AM YOUR MESSIAH! I gave you this world, and yet you want to change it?" He remarked, balling his hands into fists. The crowd said nothing, staring at him in frozen fear.
"Those who wish to break from this Utopia... this Promised Land... must be excommunicated." The figure ended, a massive, sword like weapon suddenly appearing in his hand. A grim mood is felt all round, as the figure only stared at the large rebellious group for a moment.

One of the soldier gulped, slowly cocking his weapon. Upon hearing this, the being dashed straight forward, holding out his sword. Seconds in, he swung the massive blade, shedding millions of gallons of blood. The people had no time to scream, much less retaliate. He swung again, striking down the remaining few people who stood in his way. A massive bloodbath quickly ensued, as countless hundereds of opposers were slain by this seemingly almighty being.

The field stood still, as blood covered the entire area once more. The being 'Malachi', disarmed himself, looking all around.
"It is a pitiful shame... that they wished to leave the world so soon." He said, floating off into the distance.


The story of Rockman Utopia is as follows. In the year of 30XX, the world is in terrible shape. The human race has come close to extinctio in due part to EX Machina's ongoing omnicide. The leader of EX Machina, named Malachi, is a self named zealous prophet who speaks of Sigma's dream world, a world for and of Reploids. As that dream slowly and steadily becomes a reality, the only ones standing in Malachi's way is the Repliforce, and organization consisting of Reploids and Humans alike. To combat the Repliforce, Malachi brings forth his 8 Messiahs, each individually independant and capable of endless destruction. Amidst the struggle for the future, a lone being stands high above on a cliff, looking onwards. His furious eyes commanding solitude. Who is this person? No one knows. All that is known about him, is that his name is Theta, and that Malachi wants his power.

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