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Default Re: I need help with trading, please read!

Originally Posted by Mickey1 View Post
Hello everyone!
I'm new on the forums, my name is Mickey
I'm 15 years old, and I like Pokémon. And of course other stuff too =)
Well, I was wondering, I need to trade like 20 eggs from my Diamond version to my Pearl version, how can I do this?
Will anybody help me trading these eggs for me?
The eggs contain some Pokémon which I want to go through the game with.

Thank you all for reading!
Hoping for a reply :)


Name: Mickey
FC (Diamond): 2106 - 1320 - 6218
FC (Pearl): 0645 - 8528 - 4143

Well if you get 2 ds's you can tranfer them over to the other game by catching useless pokes and trading them over or if someone was to take the gg's over wi if and then trade them to you in your pearl.
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