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Default Re: I need help with trading, please read!

Originally Posted by Rattata View Post
Ah, greetings, Mickey; I've honestly never met someone who would do a full introduction about themselves here. ^^;

And to answer your question, you said it yourself - you'll have to transfer the eggs from Diamond to Pearl through trading, and if you have two DS's, that's an easy job that could be done solely by you. Or you could do it by trading five eggs to someone, them trading to your pearl, you trading them five more, they trade to your pearl, and that process repeats.. four times?

It's a long process, the second option, so it might be hard to find someone willing to do it - good luck though.
I do not have 2 Ds's though. So I must find a trading partner to help me ?
Hmm. I hope there are some volunteers here : )
It won't take long though.

Thanks for the quick answer!
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