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Default Re: [Possible WAR 2x(3 2/3)]The CHEERLEADERS: Ranging with Pom Poms

Originally Posted by Mr M View Post
Lol! Something tells me that this'll be very entertaining at the same time haha! ^-^;

Name:Mr M
Anything else you can do? (RP? Spriting? DP WiFi Battling? Etc?): Sometimes Wifi Battling, also I've done some banners, oh oh and when I have the time
I do spriting too! Lol!
Experience: Umm..If you mean cheerleading.....NO! xD;
Why You Want to Join: Because I kinda got "suckered" into it lol! Jk jk! It sounds fun! xD

"Oh so..Peachyful!"
haha We now have a male cheerleader! Woot! haha

Also now a banner maker. I may ask you to prove your skills by making The CHEERLEADERS a banner. haha


If it makes you feel better I have no experience in cheerleading too. haha
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