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Default Re: [Possible WAR 2x(3 2/3)]The CHEERLEADERS: Raging with Pom Poms

Originally Posted by Mr M View Post
xD That's soo true! Lol! Most of the time I have to wait almost 15 minutes! o.o
If I'd known it was gonna be that long, I could've ordered a pizza! Lol!

"Oh so..Peachyful!"
For real? I used it once and it was a long lag. Half of the battles I did on Brawl had to quit because it froze for too long.

Originally Posted by SuperBoy View Post
Yeah, lag stinks...

However, when I get my new Brawl and repaired Wii, I can finally accept the so many challenges I receive from friends at school. For some reason, everyone thinks they can just command and conquer me when I'm using the little, electrical mouse. That kind of thinking is a big mistake...

By the way, are you going to purchase Platinum on release or at all, Mikey?
Meh. I main Ganondorf, Ice Climbers and Pokemon Trainer. Still I have fun with the first two. Ganondorf may be slow but he knock you out. haha

I am going to buy Platinum on release. I want to restart my Pearl but really seeing that Platinum is coming out in Spring I wait a bit.
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