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Default Re: [Possible WAR 2x(3 2/3)]The CHEERLEADERS: Hormones and Pom Poms are a Raging!

Originally Posted by SuperBoy View Post
That, or you can try three other titles. Locke's Quest, Disgaea DS, or Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

All three are quite nice.
Meh. I heard FF is good on the DS so meh. haha

Originally Posted by CloudOfNines View Post
Hehe CB, when you said Disgaea DS I thought you had said Dialga DS :X. Also, I play SSBB to. Can't get on the internet with it. Mom's to stubborn to change the WEP settings because we have another computer using it through wireless router. I would try a wired connection but sadly the cord which connects to this computer is a "little" short to reach my wii :X
I use the Nintendo WiFi USB to get on.
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