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Default Re: The Random Story

Originally Posted by scalec View Post
Ok, I really like the randomness of this story. It makes absolutley no sense, but at the same time, it feels like it is so genius that no one could reach it! MORE!!
Meh, too bad nearly everything makes sense in the end. *shrugs*

ANYWAYS! On with Chapter Two!

(BY THE WAY!!!!! This is only the FIRST PART of the chapter! Since I'm too lazykins to finally finish the whole thing already...*punches self* But you do get a general idea of what happens...)

Chapter Two: Days of Training (Part One)

"I," the rabbit proclaimed, standing on its hind legs, "am Purple Sensei. I will train you in the ways of a warrior."

"...okay, hi, Purple Sensei," Bob half-heartedly greeted. "Why is your dojo red-"

"Because I LIKE the color red!" Poor Purple. He was always asked that question. Purple calmed down and said, "Red is my favorite color. Now-"

"The color red sucks, blue is better. Anybody who likes red is practically my ENEMY." Coming from a boy with a red bed, this sounded odd.

"AS I WAS SAYING..." the bunny continued frustratingly, "there are five basic elements in this world." Purple pointed to the hooded guys. "Would you do the honors?"

The hooded guys walked away for a minute-a long, LONG minute-and came back with a poster. This poster had a diagram in which five random pictures-representing elements-were connected via a pentagon. To the side, an elemental triangle had been drawn, though its elements were question marks.

"These," Purple Sensei pointed to the pentagon, "are the elements of the pentagon: Pointy Things, Banana, Sword..."

"Doesn't Sword count as a pointy thing, Sensei?"

" Swords are weak against bananas, while bananas are weak against pointy things. Moving on...then there's Rock and Wall. Each element is weak and strong against one another, as I explained with Banana.

"Whichever element suits you depends on your personality. For example, I am Rock; I'm solid and reliable. Walls are boring and unforgiving, Pointy Things are wild and unpredictable, Bananas are fruity and nutritious, and Swords are sharp and pointy. If your personality does not match any of those, you may be destined to use one of the Unknown Elements, three undocumented attributes in which the world is still trying to classify."

"But how do you know there's only one-"

"SHUSH!!!!! Since you seem boring, and you're definetly unforgiving, you're a Wall warrior. Your only real abilities are to control walls, things that look like walls, things that sound like walls, and things that act like walls. You can create brick walls from thin air, too."

"Cool! So I can control Wall-E?"

"As long as it sounds remotely close to the word 'Wall,' then yes."


"IN ORDER to unlock your Wall powers, you shall face this guy in combat," Purple Sensei said, pointing to one hooded guy. He revealed himself to be...a flower!

As his cloak fell to the ground, the tiny flower said, "I'm Fauna~and I control pointy things~so let's battle~"



The chapter ends! As it should have already! Will Bob win on his first try against Fauna, or lose...unstereotypically? Will he succeed at using his new Wall powers? Does he even have them yet? Who's the other hooded guy? WILL THIS CHAPTER EVEN BE FUNNY!?!?!? .....We'll just have to see.

Chapter Two: Days of Training (Part Two)-Coming Soon!
A very dumb story. Go read it.
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