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I cannot tell you whether you are right or wrong, or I might spoilt it. P:
Thanks for the comments, makes me feel all awesome and stuff. ;D
With this Chapter I was trying to go for a completely different feel from the first. While both girls are worried and confused, Girl's story is more concentrated on her attatchment to Dante, whereas with Vega I'm trying to put her across as someone slightly more mentally unstable. It's hard to explain really, I suck at explaining. With Girl, she had no memory at all, but with Vega, she doens't have her memory exactly, but she has a lot more understanding of what's going on. However, that understanding has caused her to go a bit insane and she had lost all faith.
Heh, wonder if that made sense.

Ooh, I added in a proper blurb on the first post now. I got rid of the old stinky one.
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