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Default Pokemon Day 2008!

Well after numerous PM's and e-mails from various members I've decided to bring back Pokemon Day for another year. Some of you may remember from last year where I traded Spiritomb holding rare items for Pikachu named PokemonDay on the GTS. Like last year I'm expecting a very successful event and will get several sites involved.

In 2008 I'll be handing out cloned shiny Rotom for your PokemonDay Pikachu, the details are below...

Shiny Rotom (contains Pokerus)
Level: 1
Nature: Timid
PokeBall: PokeBall
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
Attacks: Thunderbolt, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray

The event will take place Friday October 24th from 10am (Australian GMT+11) and I'll continue handing out Rotom all day through to Saturday 25th to make up for those in later timezones. To be prepared, those in later timezones should work out how ahead/behind there timezone is and place a PokemonDay Pikachu on the GTS at the time of the events commencement, this will increase your chances of receiving a PKMNDAY Rotom.

Remember I'll only trade Rotom with Pikachu nicknamed PokemonDay.

I look forward to your participation and thank you all for your support, let's make this Pokemon Day bigger and better then ever!

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