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Post Life's Little Adaptations

Life’s Little Adaptations


June, like all young new trainers, has set out on her own in hopes of defeating all eight gym leaders, and then, in turn, the unbeatable Elite Four; ultimately becoming the greatest pokémon master of her time.

June, unlike all young new trainers, is Team Rocket’s most wanted; their leader, Giovanni, taking a personal interest in her.


She can talk to pokémon... amongst other special talents. How though? This is something she doesn’t know.

…but Giovanni knows.

Now, for June, there’s only deception and lies at every turn; these the very embodiment of what has become of her chaotic life. Through it all she seeks the truth.

Little does she know; the truth hurts…

…the truth hurts a lot.

.................................................. .................................................. .............................

Before I start, I just wanted to let people know that I havn't watched the films or series in over five years, so I'm not completely up to date with all the new pokemon.
My little brother and sister are answering most of my questions, but if I make any mistakes regarding the pokemon or the world in which they live, it would be greatly appreciated if somebody let me know. Thanks, and enjoy.


“Giovanni, s-sir it’s gone; s-stolen. The guards are s-scouring the building as we s-speak, though it is unlikely that whoever took it is s-still within the premises.”

It was a middle aged man whom reported the news in awkward stutters. Beads of sweat gleamed upon his forehead, and his cheeks were flushed as if he’s just run a race. He itched uncomfortably at the base of his neck as he awaited a reply.

The room was void of many visible features; the darkness in which the establishment’s leader thrived having enveloped nearly everything. Only half of Giovanni’s chair was visible, illuminated by a single ray of light that escaped from the outlying hall. Contrary to the seemingly desolate room, sirens wailed piercingly in warning. To the man, the resounding sirens seemed as if they came from everywhere and nowhere at once.

“You blubbering fool. Go over the lab’s surveillance; there lies the answer to whom has taken it. You’re an idiot for not having done so already,” Giovanni snapped from upon his chair.

The man gave a rigid bow. “Yes, s-sir, and, once I find out the identity of the thief, I s-shall inform the men and have them on high alert.”

“Do what you must; just get out of my sight.”

Again, he bowed. “Yes, s-sir,” he said in between small sniffs.

Then, with a sigh of relief as the sirens ceased screeching in his ears, the man retreated from the room.

Giovanni sat in the darkness, petting his beloved Persian in quick, angry strokes.

Then, a man, both younger and prouder than the previous, spoke from within the darkness. “My pokémon has picked up the thief’s trail, sir.”

The pokémon in question padded to the young man’s side. The fiery creature of darkness growling low in its throat, eager to chase it’s game.

“Good,” Giovanni mused. “Bring back what is mine, and show this thief what happens to those whom oppose me.”

The young man grinned; the darkness of his smile rivalling that of the darkness of the room. “With pleasure,” he drawled.

With a low chuckle he stepped back into the shadows; eager, like that of his loyal pokémon, to be back in the hunt where he truly belonged.[/LEFT][/RIGHT][/LEFT][/CENTER][/LEFT][/LEFT]
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