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K-pop: I'll be getting to your next doodle soon, no worries. xD


I think she smokes pot?

He could still hear the screams.

They followed him through the miles across the deserted evening landscape, twisted tendrils chasing his tattered tail - the terrified bugels slipping even into his dreams as he tossed beneath the cover of a bowed oak.

- motherbrothersisterfatheruncleauntcousintornasunde r -

He was alone, alone with himself, and smoke clung to the delicate hairs on his muzzle. To think- To think! A luxury he'd been too long denied- that only a year ago he'd struggled onto his feet for the first time!

Perhaps, dear heart, perhaps, for the last he settled now.

Heavy eyelashes blinking one futile time against the salty mist created by the nearby spray, he took one last, shaky step through the cloying sand before he allowed his legs to fold beneath his once more.


My apologies for the grammatical incorrect-ness of his name - I know it's an adjective, but call me shallow - it sounded better and less obvious than the noun. :x

And Ben Folds Five = <3

Banner by me. Image used in banner by sakimichan on subeta. Character is mine. =3

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