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Default Darkness of Oralta

G'day all.... welcome to my Fanfic. This story takes place in my fictional region of Oralta. It follows the life of its current reigning champion Seth as he attempts to close the gap between the Dark World and Oralta. If you dont recognize a pokemon's name it is a ficticious pokemon and you should look on the pokedex (at bottom) for it's info.

Chapter 1: Awakening of Soarer
Seth awokened in a panic, staring blankely at the wall across from him. "Nightmare," he muttered in the dark as his partner, Registeel stared at him. "Again," said the Registeel's thoughts, "that's the fifth one this week, are you sure you're ok?" "Yes I'm fine... what time is it," began Seth sleepily, "4 in the morning already..?" He slid out of bed and walked out of the beautifuly decorated room.
His room, the highest peak of Mt. Battle, was decorted with the many badges, trophies, and ribbons he had aquired over his years of traveling. Seth and Registeel walked to the edge of the cliff outside the small room. "They're already awake?" Asked Seth inquisitively.
"Seems like it," replied Registeel, "oh well... hey Seth what is that?" He pointed to a moderatly sized black oval in the distance. "I don't know," replied Seth," but I'm rearin' to find out what the hell it is..." Seth quickely hopped into his shower, and threw on his clothes. "Alright Registeel wait here, me and Skarmory will check it out," said Seth, sending out his Skarmory.
Skarmory yawned as it appeared from its Pokeball. "C'mon Skar' we got a long flight ahead of us," said Seth hopping on to Skarmory's back. They flew off towards the black object, but Seth doubled back to the cave. "Registeel! Get in your Pokeball... I wouldn't leave you here!" Laughed Seth enthusiastically as he returned Registeel to the ball. They began their flight back towards the object.
About halfway to what Seth now saw was a portal, he saw something in the distance coming at him, and coming at an alarming speed. "Skarmory gain a little altitude so we dont collide into that," said Seth to Skarmory. As Skarmory gained hight he noticed something strange happening to the other thing, a lot of solar energy was gathering towards it, way more than a solarbeam needs. Seth just stared at it for a second before he noticed it burst out of the thing's body and rocket towards him. "Holy shi-" began Seth before the blast struck him and Skarmory head on.
They fell, plumeting towards the water, and with his last bit of strength Seth returned Skarmory to its Pokeball. He crashed into the water head on, so hard that it knocked him unconcious. Seth's assailant sped past his floating body, making a divide in the water as it passed, before doubling back around and heading towards the giant, black portal.

To Be Continued...

Soarer the Phantasmo Pokemon
Type: Ghost/Fighting
Ability: Mystic Aura (Effect: When the opponent's pokemon damages this pokemon it takes equal damage; When this pokemon deals damage it heals by half the damage dealt.)
Moves used in Story:
Solar Flare Type: Grass PP 5 Accuracy: -- Power: 150 (Charges sunlight for two turns then releases it in a giant burst, this move can not miss)
Lightspeed Tackle Type: Normal PP 5 Accuracy -- Power 130 (The user lightens it's body and charges at the foe with full force. This move deals 30% recoil, increases the users speed, goes first above all moves, and can not miss.)

Will continue story later

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