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Default Sudoku's New Shop!

Welcome to my shop. I may or may not be online much, but i will get to you ASAP.

I put trades as my number one priority, if there is a clone and you want to trade the cloning will be put on hold so that you can get your pokemon ASAP.

Read the Rules section before you post thanks.

1. No spamming.
2. Do not set up trades other than with me in this thread.
3. No double posting.
4. Do not PM offers or cloning requests to me.
8.Failure to follow these rules will put you on the blacklist.

UZU309- theft

Pokemon to clone:
Number of clones(max 5 this includes the original + clones):
when i clone i will Clone one for myself to keep, but if you would rather i didnt keep one let me know.
I also use the AR to clone since it eliminates the risk of your pokemon being traded in the GTS.

note: I use the iv calculator for the ivs listed.

lv 100 empoleon adamant,

lv 70 giratina quiet,

lv 50 cresselia impish,

lv 48 dialga hasty,

lv 20 aerodactyl impish,

lv 34 ninetales serious,

lv 100 alakazam careful,

lv 100 lumineon mild,

Pokesav Lv 100 Flygon modest(iv breeding purposes),

(my first)Fanmade Absol lv 100 mild (its moves suck)

Adamant PKTOPIA Electivire Male UT Lvl 50
Modest PKTOPIA Magmortar Female UT Lvl 50
Quirky Palcity Mew UT Lvl 50
SHINY Sassy 10 ANIV Celebi UT Lvl 70
Lonely PKELITE Kyogre UT Lvl 50 @ Adamant Orb (I think its a fanmade)
Lax HORDEL Elekid Female UT Lvl 20
10anniv suicune st. (still lv. 70 infected with pokerus)
Movie Darkrai lv 100(they said it was ev trained)
Pkmn Ranger Darkrai lv 50 ut
10 ANNIV Lugia ut
BT Alamos Darkrai impish
PCNYb Wailord UT
PCNYd Seadra ut
10 ANIV Latias ut
10 ANIV Celebi UT
*shiny*Metang lv 30 adamant OT ROCKS

Starters (Level 1 unless otherwise stated):


Bulbasaur Adamant(Tackle, Solar Beam)
Bulbasaur Lv 6 Lax(Tackle, Growl)
Charmander Adamant(Scratch, Growl, Fire Blast)
Charmander(japanese) Lonely(Scratch, Growl, Flamethrower)
Chikorita Adamant(Tackle, Growl)
Chimchar Adamant(Leer, Fire Blast, Overheat Flamethrower)
Chimchar Impish(Scratch, Leer)
Cyndaquil Docile(Tackle, Leer, Quick Attack, Dig)
Cyndaquil Lv. 5 Sassy(Tackle, Leer)
Mudkip Adamant(Tackle, Growl)
Mudkip Relaxed(Tackle, Growl, Ice Beam)
Piplup Adamant(Pound, Brine)
Squirtle Bold(Tackle, Protect)
Squirtle Relaxed(Tackle)
Squirtle(japanese) Gentle(Tackle, Rain Dance, Protect)
Treecko Adamant(Pound, Leer)
Torchic Naughty(Scratch, Growl, Overheat)
Totodile Docile(Scratch, Leer)
Turtwig Rash(Tackle, Solar Beam)
Turtwig Lv. 2 Timid(Tackle, Cut, Rock Smash)
*shiny* Chimchar Careful(Scratch, Leer)
*shiny*Charmander Brave(Flamethrower, Overheat, Growl, Scratch)


Piplup Gentle(Pound, Surf, Waterfall) Nicknamed Pip
Piplup Naughty(Hydro Pump, Waterfall, Brine, Surf)
Squirtle Brave(Tackle, Focus Punch, Blizzard, Surf)
Torchic Docile(Scratch, Growl, Fire Balst, Overheat)
Totodile Naughty(Scratch, Leer)
Turtwig Naughty(Tackle)
Turtwig Rash(Tackle, Giga Drain)
*shiny* Treecko Timid(Pound, Leer)
*shiny* Torchic Lv. 5 Timid(Scratch, Growl)
*shiny* Turtwig Modest/Quirky(Tackle, Giga Drain, Grass Knot)
*shiny* Cyndaquil Relaxed(Tackle, Leer)
*shiny* Piplup Serious(Pound, Hydro Pump, Brine)
*shiny* Totodile Lv. 2 Bashful(Scratch, Leer)

Other Shinys:

Ariados lv 52 Careful UT
Azurill lv 24 Lax UT
Bagon lv 1 Impish UT
Carnivine lv 23 Naive UT
Castform lv 18 Calm UT
Caterpie lv 6 Rash UT
Darkrai lv 98 Gentle(hacked the item to obtain darkrai),
Dratini lv 6 Careful UT
Duskull lv 30 Mild UT
Dustox lv 21 Gentle T
Eevee lv 1 Naive UT (I also have all the evolutions UT except for Glaceon and Leafeon which had to level up to evolve, but they are still pretty low level)
Eevee lv 1 Naive UT and Friendshiped
Gengar lv 100 Mild was infected with pokerus
Gligar lv 22 Naive UT
Heatran lv 70 Quiet 428864 Exp.
Houndour lv 36 Brave UT
Kyogre lv 100 Timid T
Latios lv 50 Lax BT
Latios lv 40 Docile UT (Japanese)

Lugia lv 100 Gentle (possible hack)
Magnemite lv 29 Modest UT
Manaphy lv 1 Modest UT
Marill lv 21 Sassy UT
Metapod lv 11 Bashful UT
Mew lv 100 Modest T (possible hack)
Palkia lv 47 Adamant UT
Pineco lv 12 Impish UT
Ralts lv 1 Adamant UT (Male)
Rayquaza lv 71 Bold T
Roselia lv 54 Relaxed UT
Rotom lv 15 ut modest,
Rotom lv 100 gentle,
Seviper lv 100 Sassy (possible hack)
Shaymin lv 100 Gentle (hacked item to obtain)
Spiritomb lv 1 Quirky UT (Female)
Staryu lv 26 Docile UT (met in Canalave City)
Sunkern lv 6 Adamant UT
Vulpix lv 34 Careful BT


My Wants:(Must be UT unless EV'd or is an evolution. NO HACKS, Shiny is preferred but normal is ok. )
Corsola (shiny is not an option, i hate pink. )
Events i don't have
EV'd Pokemon
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My Trade Shop

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