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Default Re: Mudkipboi's New trade thread! With EV'd pokemon, Events, and more!

Originally Posted by dr00 View Post
Mudkipz FTW!

i traded with you before! (reminder)

i have a shiny azelf, timid with 26 spatk 30 spd
ev trained already and lv. 100

i allllllso have some raikou.
one with HP Grass 70 and another hp water 60. will need to check their IVs and what event later.

do gallade, electivire, charizard, mewtwo, lugia, magikarp have good IVs?

also what's the natures for electivire, charizard, gyarados?
I am closed right now, but if you want the info, here it is:
I don't know what IV's any of those have. Gallade, ? It is EV trained though. My brother grew it up to lvl 100, after it was EV trained, and it had about 348 Attack. So I assume the IV's are'nt very good.
Electivire: Adamant
Charizard: Hasty
Gyarados: Adamant

The Gyarados has perfect attack, as same with the Electivire. The latter is a hack, but has the stats of any regular Electivire.
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