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Default Evs and such

Garchomp-adamant-lvl 100
swords dance/outrage/stone edge/earthquake

Palkia-modest-lvl 100
draco meteor/flamethrower/surf/ice beam

Weavile-jolly-lvl 100
pursuit/night slash/ice punch/brick break

Mamoswine-Brave-lvl 42
252 evs in hp/ 252 evs in attack
ice shard/protect/rock slide/earthquake

Raichu-Hardy-lvl 35
252 evs in speed/252 evs in sp.atk
Nasty Plot/Thunderbolt/Grass knot/Substitute

Gardevoir-Naive-lvl 45
252 evs in speed 252 evs in sp.atk
psychic/hypnosis/calm mind/focus blast

Drifblim-docile-lvl 53
252 evs in hp/252 evs in sp.atk
Thunder/explosion/shadow ball/stockpile

Registeel-Bashful-lvl 46
Metal Claw/Curse/ROck slide/rest
252 evs in hp 252 evs in hp
Gamestop Deoxys
Shiny movie shaymin
Pokemon Ranger Manaphy

Relaxed Tangrowth
Crunch Cranidos
Hammer Arm/earthquake/stone edge Cranidos
Swords dance/fire punch Chimchar
T-punching/flamethrower/u-turn Chimchar
Surf/ice beam/grass knot piplup
Curse/earthquake Shieldon

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